These pages contain a selection of my work.


My DeviantArt page

I like to draw!


Some Shadertoy scripts I made.

three.js landscape

A procedurally generated 3D landscape with pixelshaded water to fly over made with three.js. The code is on GitHub.


A basic jump-and-run game written in Lua in the LÖVE engine and converted to JavaScript using love.js. The code is on GitHub.

Sabre Trainer

I’ve been interested in HEMA for a while. This is a training aid written in JavaScript for practicing military sabre cuts and guards, based on the British officer’s fencing manual ‘Infantry Sword Exercise’ by Henry Charles Angelo.

Yet Another Python Game Engine

As the name implies, a rather redundant game engine project written in Python using the kivy framework. I like kivy a lot since it allows making Android apps relatively easy.

Soft Computing Approaches to DPLL SAT Solver Optimization

I completed a PhD in the field of formal verification of hardware.

frhed - free hex editor

A C++ programming project I started around 1999. This GPL-licensed tool was taken over by the WinMerge Team eventually.

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